1st Impression Marketing Solutions

Is a full service Atlanta Marketing Agency, that works with small and medium sized businesses, primarily in the home services and professional services sectors.  We work with established companies and start-ups who are looking to brand or re-brand, positioning to take their business to the next level and dominate their market(s).

To accomplish these goals for our marketing agency clients, we often start with an initial “state of the union” meeting, which leads to potential marketing strategies and ultimately a new marketing plan.  This can include everything from branding and reputation management to conversion improvement, lead generation or additional traffic (both organic and paid for).  At the bigger picture level, it can include writing best sellers, getting TV appearances for our clients to help bring them into “instant expert” status, making radio or TV commercials and even putting together joint ventures to speed growth exponentially.

Ultimately, our new clients’ largest issues often include some or all of the following:

a). They have never had a well-researched and exhaustive marketing plan, and if so, it often wasn’t implemented well.

b). They’ve been hiring and paying marketing people to provide one service at a time, usually al a carter, so the individual components tend to integrate poorly and work less efficiently, ending up costing more in the long run as a result.

c). Most of the marketing or sales funnel they have, if they have one, has never been tracked, tested or tweaked to reach anywhere near maximum conversion and efficiency.

That said, we often start by backing up the cart and coming up with a new, modified or expanded plan that either reduces their marketing costs and/or increases their leads and revenue.  The process tends to break down into two stages:

1). Planning, initial build out or up-dating of assets, conversion testing and tweaking, traffic and lead generation, rinse and repeat.

2). Once we know our clients sales and marketing funnels are working properly and generating sufficient ROI, then it’s time to scale and grow their business at whatever rate they can support at the operations level.

A different kind of Atlanta Marketing Agency

The principals and officers of 1st Impression Marketing Solutions have managed, owned and marketed a number of their own companies, mostly in the home and professional services sectors, some approaching $10 million in revenue and one approaching 10,000 customers.  And although they do have related business, communication and media related degrees…they have more real world marketing and sales experience than most of their industry.

We are large enough to get your marketing done while being personal enough to remember you and your staff’s project and specific needs.  The heart of our offer to you as our clients is to help you grow your business to “Rockstar” status.

We want to hear your story, what you’re trying to accomplish, what’s worked so far and what hasn’t, so that we can put our oars in the water and row in the same direction.  After all, as far as we’re concerned…we’re in the same boat together :-)

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